Dear Jonas,
When I received news of your passing I was shocked and when I found that it was true, I was deeply saddened.  I don’t have all the right words to say but right now, all I can say is “Thank You”.  Thank you for showing love and support to my Sleeping Giant family.  Thank you for your kind heart and opening your doors to us, allowing us to build.

In life, there are people that you meet, that truly inspire you, and you are one of those people.  My last memory of you is sitting at Kev’s and just talking.  We spoke about design, we spoke about our children, we spoke about life.  You guys shared your goals, inspiration, and aspiration books with me when LRG was still in its early stages.  You had told me to write down or make a quick sketch of every design idea I thought of, something I do to this day.  When I left that night, I was inspired more than ever as a musician, a designer, an artist.  Now, you’re in a better place.  I guess God said that you did your duty here and it was time to go home.  After all, the angels in heaven deserve to look fly too.  I’m sending my prayers and love to you, your family, and LRG.  Thank you for touching my life.

Rest In Paradise,

Victor Acosta