What do you do when you have talent, drive, and a vision, but don’t have a support system?

The founders of Simply Gigantic asked themselves those same questions seven years ago and fortunately, they came up with the right answer.  Frederick Harb (Fresh One), Colin Taylor (Blest) and Victor Acosta (Oneson) met in 2003 while working in the studio and it only made sense that they ended up coming together to start Sleeping Giant Music (SGM) in 2004.

They thought it would be easy, but they found out that running a successful label takes a lot more than just talent, hard work, and good ideas. Yes, they had a business plan and built up a solid team, but rapid changes in the music industry and lack of business experience became an issue that forced them back to the drawing board.

“Once we did have a team it was hard to get everyone on the same page. We did not have systems and guidelines for people to follow. Communication was bad; it was unorganized.” Fresh One

As early as 2005, they experienced some notable wins and were gaining ground, but they realized that they had to adapt to the changes. That required not only studying how successful labels run but also more importantly, how successful BUSINESSES run.

“If you take a good look at any successful business you’ll see that they’re made up of successful systems. Think of McDonald’s for example. Anybody can come in there and know what they need to do at any given time because it’s all about the systems. Marketing, selling, servicing…the profitability comes from having a great product and getting it to the consumer with efficient systems.” Blest

The light bulb went off! They went to work creating their own software that could be customized to the needs of professional DJs & artists that were part of the crew. As a result of their efforts, it was the right move because things started to take off from there.

With decades of combined DJ/entertainment experience SGM was able to refine their systems over the years. It worked so well for them that other professional DJs & Artists started asking if they could use the software that SGM created. After enough people asked about it, another light bulb went off for the founders.

The decision was made to release the proprietary software under a different brand that allows people outside the crew to reap the same benefits that SGM artists do for a small investment; thus, the birth of Simply Gigantic. If you’re serious about pursuing a career in music, you’re going to need help. Simply Gigantic is designed to free up your time, help get you exposure and give you ongoing support systems you need to focus on what you do best.

Simply Gigantic does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.