For any Public Relations practitioner, building relationships is key if you want to get your materials published. One way to build those relationships is respecting the time of all of those busy editors and bloggers you are targeting. Everyone has deadlines so it’s important to always send out your press releases on schedule. You have a better chance of getting published if you give them enough time, and trust me, you will get remembered for that.

Here are some general time frames I’ve noticed have worked when sending out press materials for new music or events in the music business. New music press releases and promos should go out two to three months in advance. National publications may need more time compared to smaller magazines, local papers and websites, but always double check. Ideally, events should go out six weeks or so in advance depending on the kind of coverage you are trying to secure. If you only want show listings, you can afford to cut it a little closer to the event date compared to getting a piece written about the show or band. But always keep in mind, the earlier the better.

Always think ahead when you are planning to pitch something and remember, timing is EVERYTHING!

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