When it comes to social media, there are many questions, but only one indisputable answer. Social media is a necessity and can’t be ignored. Whether you are an entertainment booking agency, or a musician, or even a small business, social media is the quickest way and reach your fans and/or consumers. With an ever-changing and constantly evolving online landscape, it’s hard to keep track of all the websites, apps, tools for engagement, much less decide which ones you want to utilize. But hopefully, this article might clear at least one of them up for you.

It’s vital to realize that you can’t spread yourself too thin. If you try to tackle every single social media platform right out of the gate you’ll find yourself quickly overwhelmed. Which is why I would recommend reviewing every available platform, choosing which ones are best suited for your business and then tackling them one at a time in order of importance.

The first and most important platform, not just because it tries to utilize every type of media available and combine it in one place, but also because it’s available worldwide. That platform is Facebook. Every business needs to create a plan or campaign for your company’s online presence. Every social media campaign revolves around two things.

The first is quality content that your fans or clients would enjoy, and the second is the consistent release of that content. If you’re endlessly putting out shameless ads, no one will ever be interested in liking/following your page, much less visiting your page. You have to think about things from the consumers’ point of view, if you were a fan what would you want to see? Free music, informational videos, sales, entertaining interviews? Whatever you decide, go with it, and keep careful track of which types of content attract positive attention and which go relatively unnoticed. There will be a lot of trial and error at first, but don’t worry that’s completely normal.

The second most important part is the regular release of content. If you start trying to engage your audience and then suddenly disappear you run the risk of your fans assuming you went of business, a common problem for small businesses. And the irregular release of engaging content might make you come off unorganized. It also might cause some uninterested fans to jump ship. Keeping fans is just as important as gaining them in the first place.

The final step is to try to take steps to verify your page, this will give you extra clout in the community and allows increase your visibility on search results. And lastly try to find and make attractive art that you can plan to use on all of your platforms, for profile pictures and cover photos. In all areas consistency is critical, it creates among other things, the appearance of a clear concise vision. The goal should always be to create a business that exudes consistent excellence, which your fan base can latch onto and hopefully learn to depend on for whatever your product is.

Cameron Acedo
Social Media Strategist

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